For those who didn't attend the KControl meetings at aKadmy here is a bit o=
f =

summery and plan for future development:

In the first meeting we decided:

KControl should be:
-Desktop Configuration
-User System Configuration

KControl should be:
-Application Configuration
-System Administration/Configuration

Based upon that spec it puts KControl at the same level of functionality as=

Windows Contol Center and OS X's System Preferences and at the same time =

prevents KDE applications from requiring KControl in OS X & Windows. This =
is =

why KControl was moved into workspace.

There are a number of modules which will be moved out of KControl entirely =

(privacy, khtml modules that are konq specific, spell, samba server =

configuration etc) and new ones added (network configuration, user admin). =
I =

have already begun the task of sorting through the directories.

Several different layouts of the KControl user interface are going to be us=
er =

tested to get something better for KDE4. Also the majority of modules are =

scheduled to get reworked. An effort will be made to clean up the interfac=
es =

and have the depth be no more then two (i.e. removing many tabs).

There are a few cases such as proxy that need to be investigated on how to =

best procede and I am taking them one at a time. On Windows/OS X we of =

course would like to use the built in system proxy settings. =

I have e-mailed the privacy author who informed me that he doesn't have tim=
e =

to work on it and so I need a volunteer to take over it and turn it into an =

Application. Any takers?

There will be a bunch of work to make this transition. I have started a wi=
ki =

page filled with lots of tasks =
If you are interested in helping out you can e-mail me or I am also on IRC =
in =

#kde-devel =

After cleaning out kcontrol/pics I found the following images that don't se=
em =

to be used:


Anyone know if they are still wanted?

Oh and at the meeting we decided to change the name of the application. Th=
at =

will happen when the new interface is tested and decided (not right now).

-Benjamin Meyer

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