David Faure wrote:

>> In the future, we may come up with a way of making it possible, but it
>> currently isn't. If you start a KDE4 program in a KDE3 session, you will
>> very likely break it and have to log out and back in.

> =

> Hmm? I do it all the time.
> The important thing is to adjust environment variables so that the kde4
> stuff doesn't mess up the kde3 stuff.
> =

> See setup-env, which used to be in the kde4 branch:
> =

> # Ensure PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH point to qt4, then do the following:
> export KDEHOME=3D$HOME/.kde4
> export KDETMP=3D/tmp/$USER-kde4
> mkdir -p $KDETMP
> export KDEVARTMP=3D/var/tmp/$USER-kde4
> export KDEDIR=3D/mnt/big/kde4dir
> unset KDEDIRS
> export PATH=3D$KDEDIR/bin:$PATH

In my experience with running KDE 3.5 apps inside KDE 3.3 session, it's also
necessary to =

export KDESYCOCA=3D/sycoca

Otherwise, I get errors about old format of sycoca database, and 3.5
KDevelop can't find its plugins, and generally nothing works. Is this
indeed required, or I'm doing something wrong?

- Volodya


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