Is there are way to immediately show a tooltip at specific position,
without overriding QToolTip::maybeTip?

I'm trying to implement the variable tooltips for KDevelop's debugger,
and the tooltip must be shown when the data from gdb arrives, so I can't
invoke QToolTip::tip from inside QToolTip::maybeTip. =

So, I've created the following class:

class ExplicitToolTip : public QToolTip
ExplicitToolTip(QWidget* parent) : QToolTip(parent) {}

// Give public visibility to 'tip'
using QToolTip::tip;

public: // QToolTip overrides
void maybeTip(const QPoint&) {}

And tried to just call the 'tip' method when needed. The result is that tip
is not immediately shown -- it's only shown if I move the mouse and then
return it to previous position.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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