On Thursday 01 September 2005 22:51, Michael Pyne wrote:
> Because KDE 4 is quite broken right now as we are trying to port the
> various libraries and applications to use Qt 4 (and use it correctly). =

> This isn't as simple as just changing method names sometimes, and besides,
> there is a bit of rearchitecting to do as we try to fix things that have
> shown their age through the KDE 3 lifetime but couldn't be fixed.
> Or in other words, expect this kind of brokenness for awhile. I hear that
> if you run kwin from konsole you'll be able to get your window borders
> back. Not sure about the desktop wallpaper bug.
> If you want to run a more stable development version of KDE there's the
> upcoming KDE 3.5 which could use testing before we release it onto the
> public at large...

Thank, I'll use the 3.5 branch for the time being.

Could someone make an announcement when KDE4 is more or less useable ? ( I =

mean the moment when it's more or less useable for testing )


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