Steven Pasternak wrote:
> Hi! I am have compiled kde 3.5 alpha in /opt/kde and gnome 2.10 in =

> /opt/gnome. I want to know how to make the kmenu recognise the icons for =

> the gnome apps that are in the menu. I know that it can be done, by =

> editing the /opt/kde/share/icons/default.kde/index.theme, but I don't =

> know how. Also, I think that SuSE symlinks gnome icon folders into =

> /share/icons/. Thanks!

KDE will use your regular GNOME icons if they are in:


The GNOME HiColor icons should be in:


You can do this with links or by adding directories to the KDEDIRS =

environment variable.

I have links for my GNOME and KDE share directories pointing to =

/usr/share so I have a common share directory. But, don't use a common =

etc directory!

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