On Friday 05 of August 2005 14:34, Koos Vriezen wrote:
> Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > > I meant I wasn't aware I was using hacks. The question was howto
> > > change
> > > titlebar size. So I guess the answer is one can't w/o hacks (how
> > > boring).

> >
> > You, or anybody else for that matter, are welcome to work on the less
> > boring parts of KWin. As a core part of KDE KWin has more then enough
> > boring issues to occupy its maintainer, and I'm really glad Thomas and
> > the decoration developers at least take care of the eyecandy stuff.

> Yes I could I suppose. But it makes no sense to do this for one tiny app
> only (that has >=3DKDE-3.1 requirements too).
> The answer from kwin perspective is clear. I guess I leave it as I have
> it now. Maybe when I feel the urge, I try a plain Xlib way.

Sorry to put you down again , but plain Xlib would be probably wrong too=
, =

whatever exactly you'd want to do. And moreover it'd probably be also more =

difficult than changing KWin, so in case you eventually decide to do it, I =

suggest you ask me first, just in case.

Or maybe I just should start blogging and posting screeshots about KWin, i=
t =

at least seems to work for Plasma .

-- =

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