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> 1. I can't seem to obtain the contents of an ioslave such as media://
> by using KIO::listDir(). Is this normal? (I suspect the problem is
> that I am using pykde compiled for kde 3.3).

If you're running a kde-3.4, I can't see why this wouldn't work.

> 2. Could someone please explain the difference between KIO::listDir
> and KDirLister? It seems like a replication of functionality and is
> confusing for who is approaching KDE development.

There's no duplication of functionality there - KDirLister is a layer on top
of KIO::listDir.
KIO::listDir is the low-level "list this directory now, and give me the ite=
KDirLister does that for you, and it stores the result (into KFileItems), a=
it tells you when items have been updated (by re-listing the dir and compar=
the results), and it can do multiple directories etc.

So KDirLister is what file managers (Konqueror, KFileDialog, and any direct=
listing that is visible on screen in a KDE app) use.

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