On Friday 05 August 2005 19:52, Nathan Toone wrote:
> OK - I've tried to figure this out on my own, and I think that I have don=

e so. =

> However, it raises a question.
> =

> I wanted to make use of the "X-KDE-autostart-condition" entry in a .deskt=

op =

> file. However, I found that if the .desktop file is placed in =

> $KDEHOME/Autostart, this entry is basically ignored. When the file is pl=

aced =

> in $KDEHOME/share/autostart, it is not ignored.
> =

> I finally figured out the difference was that $KDEHOME/share/autostart wa=

s =

> used by kinit, while $KDEHOME/Autostart was used by kdesktop. =

> Is there a reason why the entries started by kdesktop don't honor the =

> X-KDE-autostart-condition setting when it is starting up entries in =

> $KDEHOME/Autostart? It caused a lot of confusion for me because I had ju=

st =

> thought that $KDEHOME/Autostart was where all "autostarted" entries went =

(I =

> didn't know previously about two different mechanisms of autostarting...)

Well, one is the system autostart, for desktop files installed by KDE or di=
stributions or ISVs
whereas the other one is for the user - so it needs to be simple. Users jus=
t drop
desktop files, or shell scripts, into their Autostart folder and they get s=
no complex X-KDE-autostart-* settings there.

> I think that anything autostarted - whether by kinit or kdesktop should h=

onor =

> the X-KDE-autostart-* settings. =

It's almost impossible, since then there could be inter-dependencies betwee=
n those
two mechanisms when using X-KDE-autostart-after... [then there should be on=
ly one, =

but I don't think so, they have different purposes].

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