While working with KCModule I am facing problems in making the
makefile from makefile.am The command create_makefile specified on =


gives error =

"/usr/bin/create_makefile: in the current directory there is no Makefile
you will have to run it from the top build dir.
if you do not have a Makefile there - rerun configure"

I have tried this command outside the subdirectory and in many
toplevel directories but the error persists.

Even make -f Makefile.cvs doesn't work. This time reason being =

Makefile.cvs does not exist. Which is true also as I have Makefile.am
and not makefile.cvs
Someone plz help me with this makefile.

On 8/3/05, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 August 2005 05:36, neha gupta wrote:
> > I have made a module in Qt which I want to include in control centre as
> > a sub-menu. That means, user can click on its link in control centre
> > and corresponding menu appears.
> > Can anyone tell me how code for such a module can be included in control
> > centre. thanks

> =

> you need to provide a KCModule subclass in a loadable library and install=

> appropriate .desktop file so kcontrol can pick it up and include it. see:
> =

> http://developer.kde.org/documentati...kcm_howto.html
> =

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