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> On Thursday 04 August 2005 15:38, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> > On Thursday 04 August 2005 13:40, Roberto Cappuccio wrote:
> > > - A developer's API library

> >
> > Oooh! Something with APIDOX! My favorite. At least, I assume you have

> OK, I looked in the tarballs and there is -- except for the copyright
> header -- _no comments at all_ in the header files for things like the
> libkat .. or anything else that I could see. Neither was there an obvious
> "Documentation" or "Programmers' How-To" on the website. That's bound to
> slow adoption, if there's no documentation at all about how to use Kat.

OK, you are right. There is no documentation on it yet, but it it in our TO=
DO =

for the next release. First of all we wanted to build a working framework. =

Now we will concentrate our efforts in producing a comprehensive and possib=
ly =

readable documentation for the API.

If there are volunteers for helping us in creating the documentation, they =
are =


> Thereis a (slowly growing, and still very incomplete) HOWTO at
> about APIDOX. It boils
> down to: everything should have /** An explanation of what the following
> thing is and what it accomplishes; this includes namespaces, classes and
> methods. */

I will give it a thoroughly read in the next days. Thanks


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