Hi, I'm the author of Kat desktop search environment, =


Kat is rapidly approaching version 1.0 and the development team has almost =

completed the Kat architecture which comprises:

- A developer's API library
- A new kfile plugin class for the extraction of fulltext from files
- A series of fulltext plugins for almost every interesting MIME type
- A KDED daemon for indexation/update of catalogs
- A SysTray applet for controlling the status of the daemon
- A Kcm Control Center module for configuration
- A Catalog Browser with limited search capabilities

We are starting now with the most interesting part of the entire architectu=
re, =

which is represented by the integration of Kat with Konqueror and KDE.

We would like to ask this community for 2 things:

1. Access to the Playground SVN repository in order to move Kat there

2. Collaboration in the development of the missing parts and in the =

refactoring/enhancement/debugging of the existing parts

One thing that I want to underline here is that the Kat team's efforts have =

one principal goal: the development of an entire environment for desktop =

search for KDE. =

So, please don't consider Kat a single application. It is a complete framew=
ork =

comprising an API that you, as KDE developers, can start to use today to ad=
d =

desktop search capabilites to your applications.
Moreover, Kat is heavily based on KDE technologies, so its integration with =

the rest of KDE should be really easy.
If you don't like our Catalog Browser, you could simply create a new one :-)

If you have questions, you can contact the Kat team on irc.freenode.net, =

channel #kat or visit our site http://kat.sourceforge.net where you can fin=
d =

some forums and a collaborative WIKI.

Roberto Cappuccio and the Kat team
roberto dot cappuccio at gmail dot com

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