My friend has a Linux PC and when he inserts a CD or DVD, it popups up the =
cover art automatically and displays all sorts of extended data, like the a=
ctors in the film, the studio that released the cd, etc. And we tried 100 =
or so discs and it recognized every one perfectly, just as good as Windows =
XP Media Center does, and it even seems to cache the entries since the 2nd =
time you insert the disc the recognition is instant (first time takes a few=
seconds). None of the other Linux media players I've used do this--they a=
ll use freedb which doesn't work for DVD's, doesn't have extended attribute=
s, and doesn't display any cover art.

Since this is way better than freedb, and it's Linux-based, and it's open s=
ource, I figured all the other Linux media players could use the same code =
to do this too. But today I think I've tried 100 media players/rippers, et=
c., and I've posted messages everywhere, and I keep getting told to "try so=
mething or other", but in the end it's the same thing--it uses freedb. I t=
ried Juk for KDE, and RhythmBox for Gnome, but also no luck.

The open source project my friend uses is But I can't use i=
t because it's a big home automation and media server that does all sorts o=
f stuff. All I'm looking for is just the 1 tiny piece--the accurate CD + D=
VD recognition engine that shows cover art and all the attributes for a dis=
c. Preferably integrated into the KDE or Gnome desktop, like Windows does,=
so you always see what's now playing. Anybody know if there's a module th=
at does this? Or if not, why nobody else is doing this for Linux?


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