On Wednesday 03 August 2005 09:02, Rainer Lehrig wrote:
> Hello,
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> I want to embed our application as kpart into konqueror.
> The application is a sort of internet browser, but not html.
> See:
> http://pvbrowser.org
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> The question is: What do I have to write in the desktop file ?
> cat pvbrowser.desktop
> MimeType=3D???;

You need to define a mimetype that your kioslave returns for any file (in s=
tat() and get()),
so that your viewer gets used. Name it application/x-vnd.kde.pvbrowser for =

> What do I have to add for openeing a url ?

Reimplement openURL()

> : KParts::ReadWritePart(parent, name)

You probably want ReadOnlyPart, not ReadWritePart?

> Not how to handle/define network protocols.

Well, you did it for pvbrowser.protocol, you need to do a similar .protocol=
file for
pv and pvssh, but not using helper=3Dtrue for those - instead they should s=
exec=3Dkio_pvbrowser (the name of your kioslave).
See kdelibs/kioslave/ftp/ftp.protocol for an example.

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