Am Dienstag, 2. August 2005 19:40 schrieb Koos Vriezen:
> I meant I wasn't aware I was using hacks. The question was howto change
> titlebar size. So I guess the answer is one can't w/o hacks (how boring).

what about adding a function to allow widgets to operate as if meta+left (o=
r =

whtever is set to this feature) was pressed, i.e. let them have theirown =

titlebar, the kwin titlebar to hidden and handle mouseevents on this area a=
s =

mouseevents on a custom titlebar. if this is user friendly? i don't know, b=
ut =

if it's not, the app won't be used too much...
(this way the app has some control over the appereance of the "deco" as wel=
l - =

if it really must (or thinks to have) be individual)

of course, this would only operate on KDE/kwin, but the wish to cnotrol the =

titlebar appereance is special anyway.

and yes, this can be obtained by faking a mouseclick, it just don't look to=
o =


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