> ioslaves to access Konqueror history and bookmarks. =

Nice, there is a bug report about bookmarks:/
What do you want to achieve? How much editing features?

> 1. I don't know how notify Konqueror (or whatever application happens to =

be =

> using my protocol) of changes (such as an added bookmark). =

call KBookmarkMgr::emitChanged(KBookmarkGroup parent), parent should be the=
last bookmark in the path root->affectedBookmark which was unchanged.

> KHistoryMgr/KBoomarkMgr unfortunately only broadcast to konqueror-*

Are you sure about that? I should be concerned if so, because keditbookmark=
s relies on getting change notifications.
You should connect to the changed() signal of your kbookmarkmanager instanc=

> Or perhaps I am just neglecting something painfully simple.

Well if you want, you can always take a look at keditbookmarks. While I did=
write only a small portion of its code, I can probably explain most of it.



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