I wrote to this list a couple weeks ago about my kio_resources, which now =

resides on kde-apps.org. Now I'd like to move onto something a little more =

useful - ioslaves to access Konqueror history and bookmarks. These would =

provide Yet Another Way to access the same information already available to =

users, but KDE is about flexibility.

The ioslaves are relatively easy to implement, but...

1. I don't know how notify Konqueror (or whatever application happens to be =

using my protocol) of changes (such as an added bookmark). Supposedly this =
is =

done with a special KDirNotify in KDED, but it isn't really documented.

2. Even if I knew how to do such notifications, it would be impossible =


a) This would require me to receive DCOP messages from =

KHistoryMgr/KBookmarkMgr objects, but unfortunately kioslaves have their ow=
n =

event loop that is not capable of receiving DCOP messages. =

b) Although I could make my KDED plugin listen for these messages, =

KHistoryMgr/KBoomarkMgr unfortunately only broadcast to konqueror-*, and th=
us =

KDED wouldn't receive them anyway.

3. Bookmarks & history both use favicons. I can't, however, set the favicon=
as =

the main icon, because favicons are too small. What I need is to be able to =

overlay the favicon on the document icon. Short of writing a KFilePlugin, i=
s =

there any way to do this (such as a special metadata entry)?

Perhaps bookmark/history management has to be moved to KDED, just like =

favicons, kcookiejar, etc. Or perhaps I am just neglecting something =

painfully simple.

-- =

Luke Sandell

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