Hi all,

I'm developing an application to control external hardware via USB.
Everything was working fine using KDE 3.3 on x86 (FC3). Now that I've
switched to KDE 3.4 on x86_64 (FC4), I'm getting the error
QSocketNotifier: invalid socket 9 and type 'Read', disabling...
QSocketNotifier: invalid socket 4 and type 'Read', disabling...
followed by a crash of the application without a usable backtrace.
Sometimes the error message "petcontrol: Fatal IO error: client killed".
shows up.
The crash occurs sometime after returning from a Qt signal handler
connected to a slider. It happens at random times, but never late enough
to let me finish my measurements...
From the debug statements I've placed in my code I can be quite certain
that it is not related to the external hardware interface (using
libusb), but within KDE/Qt.

Google found two bugreports with this error message. One was a bug in
knode, the other could not be reproduced. Now I know little about the
knode code to see what the error there was from the patch...

So can anybody explain to me what the error message wants to tell me and
how to fix it?



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