I have to print RichText (WYSIWYG) style Text Data..
I am using QSimpleRichText with Printer as specified
in Qt Example comes with installation..
//all are aware of follwing Qt Example

if ( printer.setup(this) ) // printer dialog
QPainter p;
if( !p.begin( &printer ) ) { //
paint on printer

QPaintDeviceMetrics metrics( p.device() );
int dpiy =3D metrics.logicalDpiY();
int margin =3D (int) ( (2/2.54)*dpiy ); // 2 cm

QRect body( margin, margin, metrics.width() -
2*margin, metrics.height()- 2*margin );

QSimpleRichText richText( csPrintData,QFont(),
body.height() );

richText.setWidth( &p, body.width() );

QRect view( body );
int page =3D 1;
do {
richText.draw( &p, body.left(),
body.top(), view, colorGroup() );
view.moveBy( 0, body.height() );
p.translate( 0 , -body.height() );
p.drawText( view.right() -
p.fontMetrics().width( QString::number( page ) ),
view.bottom() +
p.fontMetrics().ascent() - 5, QString::number( page )
if ( view.top() >=3D richText.height() )
} while (TRUE);

And By using this I am facing an Annoying Clipping
Text Problem During Print...
Most of the time it prints correctly but when i play
with text it size and style....as its a Rich Text...I
can see Clipping text at the bottom of my first page
or at the top of 2nd page.....

It is b.c Simpletext data is being picked for Printer
as Image by defining QRect thing......

Any resolution to this problem ? Or any one has tried
this before for proper rich text prints please help me

I have searched all the previous posts in this context
but I all of the previous post relevant to this
problem don't talk about solution.

Thanks in Advance =


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