On Saturday 16 July 2005 5:00 am, kde-devel-request@kde.org wrote:
> El mar, 12-07-2005 a las 23:07 +0200, David Faure escribi=F3:
> > Bugs happen, this isn't the first nor the last one. If you can't live
> > with it, install an older CD or whatever. Complaining won't get you
> > anywhere, you got KDE for free (no charge from us, at least).

> This wasn't just an empty complaint, David. =A0I meant, only two things
> will fix this for good:
> - better regression testing
> - more integration with packagers
> (I still haven't given up on the dream of universally installable RPM
> packages, instead of per-distro - I guess all we need to do in order to
> get there is to make RPM's auto dependency detection a little bit
> smarter, so I don't have to pull 75 MB of unrelated gunk I already have
> and don't want to update every time a new KDE-Redhat release is out the
> door)

Have you heard of Autopackage? http://www.autopackage.org
It's the answer to you dream.

> Source is not an option, evidently. =A0I manage a terminal server and
> there's no way in the universe I'm gonna start installing things from
> source. =A0I got better things to do with my time, things I get paid for.
> I'll leave source builds for Gentooers.
> > > What happens if I double-click an MP3 stored on my CD-ROM that I've
> > > configured to open with XMMS or beep-media-player?

> >
> > It will be copied to a tempfile, since xmms's desktop file doesn't have
> > %U (or if it does, it has to also include X-KDE-Protocols=3D > > protocols supported>)

> So, how do I build playlists now? =A0Out of /var/tmp/kde-rudd-o/... copied
> files?
> (it's a rhetoric question. =A0I can always use gnome-disk-tool to mount
> the disk and type /media/cdrecorder in the Konqueror address bar. =A0But I
> can also choose Session type: GNOME in the KDM login screen. =A0It's just
> that I don't want to choose the second option - KDE has simply too much
> going on in favor!)
> > > What happens if I select the URL then middle-click in e.g. Mozilla?
> > > Granted, Mozilla may not be the best place to middle-click an URL
> > > selected from Konqueror, but Nautilus/XMMS and other GNOME apps are
> > > frequent targets for my middle mouse button

> >
> > OK if you explicitely copy an actual URL to an application that doesn't
> > support this URL scheme it won't work. What can I say? Use DnD instead
> > then...
> >
> > > (Konsole being the single
> > > most popular one and kwrite the second one, for pasting stuff like
> > > paths in pico or python scripts or the command line, I do this perhaps
> > > at least 40 times a day).

> >
> > When you know enough about a system to write scripts, you also know
> > enough to copy paths instead of URLs (e.g. by browsing file:/ instead of
> > media or system, which nobody forces you to browse).

> No, nobody forces me to browse through media:/. =A0But media:/ is the
> default, requiring more work from my part. =A0What happened to choosing
> sensible defaults?
> I guess my complaint was "why should I change my work habits for
> inferior ones?".

OK, you have to consider that the "inferior ones" are the ones we are tryin=
g =

to appeal to because they make up 99% of computer users. Being that they a=
re =

the vast majority, those are the ones we must design the system around so i=
t =

will become popular. What about all the office users that can use KDE for =

something other than linux management and development; such as working?!
Perhaps my opinion is a little biased. I repair people's computers for a =

living. The ignorance of the "inferior ones" over something like Windows o=
r =

even Mac is remarkable. Simple things, like how do I access my floppy driv=
e =

and CD-ROM drive. I think that KDE has a lot going for it, but still canno=
t =

compare the idiot-proof of systems like Mac OS X. The kioslaves are a =

fantastic tool for ignorant, computer-illiterate users because they don't =

have to understand the UNIX root filesystem because in many cases the users =

don't even have to know that the kioslaves exists. I insert a CD, it pops =
up =

on my desktop, asks me what to do with it (open a new window, play), I can =

set whatever decision as default, and KDE takes me to it. Do I know that i=
t =

just mounted the CD and I'm accessing through the kioslave? NO. And that's=
a =

good thing. =

> Yes, I deem this to be an inferior alternative to "just showing the
> right icon for mountpoints and automounting drives when entering their
> corresponding mountpoints".
> Considering new and mainstream software like hotplug and hal already
> update /etc/fstab, that's one thing less to do in Konqueror/the file:/
> kioslave.
> (I'm all for putting this intelligence into the file:/ kioslave. =A0After
> all, that's where it belongs, if we want advanced functionality to work
> across the entire KDE suite of apps instead of just Konqueror.)
> Sorry! =3D)


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