Le Samedi 16 Juillet 2005 01:23, Gary Greene a =E9crit :
> I'm in the process of building KDE 3.4.1 for PhoeNUX OS, and I'm
> considering bumping up the versions of hal and dbus to the latest version=

> Are there any know issues with hal 0.5.3 and dbus 0.4.7? Reason I'm asking
> here is that the requirements page has zero information about which
> versions of hal or dbus KDE needs. Thanks in advance.

KDE 3.4.x does not build with hal 0.5.x and dbus 0.3x. However, trunk has b=
een =

ported, and it seems that many distributions already use this version of th=
e =

HAL backend without problem.
I have no plan to backport hal 0.5 support to KDE 3.4.x, because I consider =

this as a new feature and not a bugfix. Still, it could easily be done.

Besides, it would be nice to see HAL/DBus added to the 3.4 requirements lis=
t : =


HAL =3D 0.4.x/DBus =3D 0.2x


HAL is an hardware abstraction layer listing hardware property and making =

them available through a DBus service

the media kioslave can use HAL to list media and to listen to hotplug even=
ts. =

If HAL is not running, media:/ will fall back on fstab tracking.



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