Gero Mudersbach wrote:
> Hello,
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> I have the following problem:
> =

> I have to create a postscript "ps" file using a special ppd file for a fi=

lm =

> imagesetter (it's not installed locally, so I have to get a ps file). I w=

ould =

> like to use any kde application. So it would be nice to use kdeprint for =

> setting up a new printer. How do I add a new printer with kdeprint that u=

ses =

> a ppd file for printing and redirects the output to a postscript file?
> =

> Any idea would be great!

It would be nice if KDEPrint worked that way, but AFAIK it doesn't work =

the same way that the Open Office PS driver works. The OO PS driver's =

output and options are determined by a PPD file. KDEPrint doesn't do =

that except when using CUPS and Foo-Matic it uses some of the info in =

the Foo-Matic special PPD file for printer setup.

IIUC, to make a custom PS output configuration, you would have to make a =

KDEPrint specific XML file. At least I found that that is what you have =

to do to configure the PS file created to make a PDF. If you want to do =

this, you need to create a new Filter which requires a 'desktop' and an =

'xml' file.

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