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> Bugs happen, this isn't the first nor the last one. If you can't live with
> it, install an older CD or whatever. Complaining won't get you anywhere,
> you got KDE for free (no charge from us, at least).

This wasn't just an empty complaint, David. I meant, only two things
will fix this for good:

- better regression testing
- more integration with packagers

(I still haven't given up on the dream of universally installable RPM
packages, instead of per-distro - I guess all we need to do in order to
get there is to make RPM's auto dependency detection a little bit
smarter, so I don't have to pull 75 MB of unrelated gunk I already have
and don't want to update every time a new KDE-Redhat release is out the

Source is not an option, evidently. I manage a terminal server and
there's no way in the universe I'm gonna start installing things from
source. I got better things to do with my time, things I get paid for.
I'll leave source builds for Gentooers.

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> > What happens if I double-click an MP3 stored on my CD-ROM that I've
> > configured to open with XMMS or beep-media-player?

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> It will be copied to a tempfile, since xmms's desktop file doesn't have %U
> (or if it does, it has to also include X-KDE-Protocols=3D
ls supported>)

So, how do I build playlists now? Out of /var/tmp/kde-rudd-o/... copied

(it's a rhetoric question. I can always use gnome-disk-tool to mount
the disk and type /media/cdrecorder in the Konqueror address bar. But I
can also choose Session type: GNOME in the KDM login screen. It's just
that I don't want to choose the second option - KDE has simply too much
going on in favor!)

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> > What happens if I select the URL then middle-click in e.g. Mozilla?
> > Granted, Mozilla may not be the best place to middle-click an URL
> > selected from Konqueror, but Nautilus/XMMS and other GNOME apps are
> > frequent targets for my middle mouse button =

> =

> OK if you explicitely copy an actual URL to an application that doesn't s=

> this URL scheme it won't work. What can I say? Use DnD instead then... =

> =

> > (Konsole being the single
> > most popular one and kwrite the second one, for pasting stuff like paths
> > in pico or python scripts or the command line, I do this perhaps at
> > least 40 times a day).

> =

> When you know enough about a system to write scripts, you also know enough
> to copy paths instead of URLs (e.g. by browsing file:/ instead of media o=

r system,
> which nobody forces you to browse).

No, nobody forces me to browse through media:/. But media:/ is the
default, requiring more work from my part. What happened to choosing
sensible defaults?

I guess my complaint was "why should I change my work habits for
inferior ones?".

Yes, I deem this to be an inferior alternative to "just showing the
right icon for mountpoints and automounting drives when entering their
corresponding mountpoints".

Considering new and mainstream software like hotplug and hal already
update /etc/fstab, that's one thing less to do in Konqueror/the file:/

(I'm all for putting this intelligence into the file:/ kioslave. After
all, that's where it belongs, if we want advanced functionality to work
across the entire KDE suite of apps instead of just Konqueror.)

Sorry! =3D)

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