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On Friday 15 July 2005 12:14, Pavel Troller wrote:
> I then recompiled kicker. It started to regularly crash on startup
> instead of exit, which was even worse :-). I found that a clean build is
> necessary. After it my kicker started to work again but IMHO it now crash=

> on exit even more than before :-(. I tried it 5 times and for 3 times it
> crashed.

a backtrace is required to be able to do much of anything, i'm afraid.

> It's wrong that I cannot make backtraces, because it's not a debug buil=

> it's an update of my regular installation. I even tried to adddebug just =

> the kicker directory, but the bt is lost anyways (all my kde and qt is
> compiled with -fomit-frame-pointer).

what was the backtrace that you did get when adding debug to kicker?

> Is it possible that I have to recompile some other packages to fix this
> (like kdeaddons with more kicker applets which maybe I'm using) or am I

possibly .. a backtrace from kicker, or even simply removing the applets on=
by one may help

> suffering from another crash

possibly, a backtrace would say for certain

> or maybe the fix is still incomplete ?=20

no, the fix should be complete.=20

Aaron J. Seigo
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