I've found a problem regarding kcm modules requiring superuser privs - kd=
lilo etc. =

When I try to enter the Administrator mode for such a module, kdesu dialog
appears. It _can_ verify correct password (i.e. it complains when a wrong =

password is entered and doesn't complain when a good one is typed) but then,
instead of getting the desired module, just an initial window of kcontrol
When I try to enter 'kdesu "kcmshell kdm --lang cs"' (i.e. the same as in
original dialog just with --embed argument omitted) from konsole, for the
first time there is an error dialog that DCOP is possibly not running, but
the next try is successful and the desired module appears. However, even af=
this, it still cannot be invoked from kcontrol.
It's 3.4 branch, compiled this Monday.
Any ideas, what to try to fix ?
With regards, Pavel Troler


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