On Monday, July 11, 2005 5:58 pm, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Programs that require mmap() can't use ioslaves directly anyways. They
> need to find the real file path in order to call open(2) and then
> mmap(2).
> And I also think your solution would compound the problem for non-KDE
> apps, since there will be no "local file path" to media:/-URLs. That
> means copying the file to disk before using it. Imagine clicking on a
> 700MB .mpg on a CD and see it copied to /tmp before mplayer or xine is
> opened.

Another great Luke Sandell idea gets shot down once again! =

> Mount/umounting on use would throw away the added benefits for floppies,
> which are fast access to cache. If you mount and unmount right
> afterwards, the cache is discarded. That means floppy access will be as
> slow as on Windows.

This is also a problem with floppy:/ (mtools), which KDE unfortunately =

encourages its users to utilize.

On Monday, July 11, 2005 5:47 pm, Pavel Troller wrote:
> I don't know anything about supermount and subfs, but I'm regularly using
> autofs not only on my own machine but extensively wherever I ever install=

> Linux (and there are MANY machines of that kind :-) ).

I tried autofs for awhile, because I couldn't get supermount to (consistent=
ly) =

work. As I recall - autofs worked sometimes - but other times I would try t=
o =

stat the dir of a medium I knew was there - and it would tell me does not =

exist. It could have, however, been my faulty Zip drive; I don't remember i=
f =

it affected floppies and CD-ROMS. The one thing I don't like about autofs i=
s =

that the media dirs don't exist until you try to access them - so if you =

insert a medium, you cannot browse to its mount point (you have to access t=
he =

mountpoint directly).

Then there is the problem of media:/ knowing about these special tools and =

working correctly with them.

-Luke Sandell

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