On Tuesday 12 July 2005 22:56, Manuel Amador wrote:
> El mar, 12-07-2005 a las 22:49 +0200, David Faure escribi=F3:
> > On Tuesday 12 July 2005 22:40, Manuel Amador wrote:
> > > It's enough to
> > > know that dragging my music from any of my CDs or pen drives to XMMS
> > > just does not work anymore

> > =

> > Oh come on, this is fixed already.

> =

> Yes, in SVN. This means I have to wait eons to get it on my computer.
> Mind you, I don't have Internet access (and tons of people over here
> don't as well) and the only chance for me is to get those packages via a
> 64kbit line on my office, after they've trickled down from the kde-
> redhat project.

Bugs happen, this isn't the first nor the last one. If you can't live with
it, install an older CD or whatever. Complaining won't get you anywhere,
you got KDE for free (no charge from us, at least).

> What happens if I double-click an MP3 stored on my CD-ROM that I've
> configured to open with XMMS or beep-media-player?

It will be copied to a tempfile, since xmms's desktop file doesn't have %U
(or if it does, it has to also include X-KDE-Protocols=3D supported>)

> What happens if I select the URL then middle-click in e.g. Mozilla?
> Granted, Mozilla may not be the best place to middle-click an URL
> selected from Konqueror, but Nautilus/XMMS and other GNOME apps are
> frequent targets for my middle mouse button =

OK if you explicitely copy an actual URL to an application that doesn't sup=
this URL scheme it won't work. What can I say? Use DnD instead then... =

> (Konsole being the single
> most popular one and kwrite the second one, for pasting stuff like paths
> in pico or python scripts or the command line, I do this perhaps at
> least 40 times a day).

When you know enough about a system to write scripts, you also know enough
to copy paths instead of URLs (e.g. by browsing file:/ instead of media or =
which nobody forces you to browse).

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