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> Yes, that's what I wrote that a 'smart' solution needs here. But I think =

that =

> inventing a new naming scheme just because the 'up' button does not work =

a =

> bit of over-engineering.

I guess the point I was trying to make is that inventing a new naming
scheme when we have a perfectly good one (yes, the UNIX filesystem
namespace) is over-engineering, "up"-button aside or not.

I already made my points, and won't rehash them again. It's enough to
know that dragging my music from any of my CDs or pen drives to XMMS
just does not work anymore, and I will never be able to explain that to
my family in under 20 minutes. And mostLocalURL() and clipboard munging
are just special-casing and hacks.

Look at the gnome guys. They solved the problem by simply not showing
the path! Talk about easy! But the URL is always available via a Ctrl
+L shortcut.

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