Hi Jakob!

I found the easiest way to create a release tarball is cvs export, run "mak=
e =

Makefile.cvs", delete the newly created dir and files, then tar everything.


On Tuesday 12 July 2005 09.40, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm in the process of doing a release, which is my first one ever,
> of my KDE app. I have used the standard KDevelop KDE app template,
> and it gave me following two problems:
> 1. When doing Distribution & Publishing, KDevelop put several files into
> the tarball twice. It packed two copies of acinclude.m4.in, Doxyfile.am a=

> libtool.m4.in in the admin/ directory into the tarball, which causes quir=

> when unpacking. But that's easily fixable and not my problem.
> My problem is:
> 2. I did the standard ./configure, make, make install to test out if
> installing works. It seems to install correctly, but my program,
> respectively the KDE libs, can't find the XMLGUI description which
> has also been installed into (kdedir)/share/apps/pakoo/pakooui.rc.
> The error message in the debug output is
> "kdeui (kdelibs): ERROR: No such XML file (kdedir)/bin/pakooui.rc"
> and that's not where kdelibs should search the file, right?
> Strangely enough, if I run my program as root, it finds the file
> and displays all the menus and the toolbar correctly.
> Does anyone have an idea what causes this behaviour?
> I followed the XMLGUI tutorial, and I think my app pretty much uses all t=

> standard ways to do things. I don't get it why it doesn't work.
> Thanks for help,
> Jakob
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