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On Monday 11 July 2005 11:15, David Indran Underwood wrote:
> Here attached with this memo is some text to understand the Kamel
> Project

plasma is not an applet designer, it's a harmonization of the desktop (wher=
we today shove icons that get hidden by windows and the desktop panels.=
plasma will certainly be easily extensible via applets, much as the panel i=
today only with greater application and hopefully easier to get at =3D)

this describes only the technology framework, however. the application of t=
framework will come in the form of things built on top of plasma, much as i=
is today with kicker and it's buttons and applets.=20

i also get the impression that in your mind eye candy and useful are someho=
opposed to each other; if so, i think that's wildly unfounded.=20

not sure if i understand what kamel is, so let me try describing what i thi=
i read in your document and you can correct me as needed:

kamel is an all-in-wonder application that is a launch pad to various=20
locations in kde, much like viewing system:/ in konqueror full screen might=
be? are there any mockups or more detailed descriptions that can be looked =
or are you just at the goal defining stage at this point?

Aaron J. Seigo
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