On Sunday 10 Jul 2005 22:07, Koos Vriezen wrote:
> David Jarvie wrote:
> > Why not use an uncompressed docbook from the start? It will get
> > compressed when you compress the package for distribution, so I don't s=

> > any advantage in having it compressed before you package the app.

> Yeah well, that was my question. Why and how does it get compressed and
> how to prevent it. Note, I'm not making the deb files manually, they are
> created by the scripts and the docbook ends up compressed.
> I feel a bit silly I asked this, should have figured this out myself.
> Just though, as probably more people build for sarge, this is already
> figured out by others, saving me time to do this.

The docbook doesn't get compressed in the KAlarm package. Try looking at it=
s =


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