On Sunday 10 July 2005 22.22, Luke Sandell wrote:

>> Why the hell are we moving away from standard UNIX paths, and inventing
>> another arcane proprietary path/resource location system?

> Because the UNIX filesystem is incomprehensible to the average user. =

I'd say that drive letters and the havoc they play on settings is totally =

incomprehensible to the average user too. Why give them a letter? =

> No casual user is ever going to understand the idea of a single root
> directory, or the concept of "mounting" filesystems. Unfortunately,
> Windows-style drive letters and synchronous access (that actually works)
> are probably not going to be introduced on UNIX anytime soon, and so there
> is no way to solve this except abstracting it away.

Oh bah. You seem to equate 'average user' with 'average Windows user'. Well=
, =

let me say that the average Windows user is quite well acquainted with =

mounting drives. It's not called that, but it quite the same story.

> 2) there is no userspace mounting on Linux, even if the user has ownership
> of the device node, so hot-pluggable devices cannot be utilized except by
> first mounting them as root or setting them up in fstab, which completely
> defies the definition of "hot-pluggable". It is also no possible to mount
> such things as ISO images in userspace, which if were possible could be a
> great feature for KDE.


> 3) the floppy drive must always appear in media:/ on PC systems, even when
> no disk is present, because there is no way to tell if there is one
> present. Thus, CD-ROMs and other non-hot-pluggable devices should always
> appear in media:/ as well for consistency.
> 4) it is possible for a PC user to remove a floppy disk before it is
> unmounted.

That's not typical for UNIX...

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