On Wednesday, July 6, 2005 1:20 am, Manuel Amador wrote:
> Is it just me, or someone else in this mailing is feeling a little
> uneasy with the direction Konqueror/KIO is taking?


> Why the hell are we moving away from standard UNIX paths, and inventing
> another arcane proprietary path/resource location system?

Because the UNIX filesystem is incomprehensible to the average user. No cas=
ual =

user is ever going to understand the idea of a single root directory, or th=
e =

concept of "mounting" filesystems. Unfortunately, Windows-style drive lette=
rs =

and synchronous access (that actually works) are probably not going to be =

introduced on UNIX anytime soon, and so there is no way to solve this excep=
t =

abstracting it away. =

The organization of the UNIX filesystem is not really much of an issue, =

because users generally only care about browsing files in their home =

directory. That is why the Home Folder entries were introduced in the =

Konqueror sidepane and in the file selection dialog. I would support home:/ =

if it made sense. Unfortunately, to access my home directory, I would have =
to =

type home:/luke instead of /home/luke, not much of an improvement. Simply =

home:/ would make sense.

UNIX will never be a feasible desktop OS until mounting is completely hidde=
n =

and transparent to the user. My biggest problem with media:/ is as follows:=
A =

devices should be automatically mounted whenever the user tries to access i=
t =

NE =

ACCESSING IT (media:/ has not done this). There should then be no overlay o=
n =

device icons indicated whether they are mounted or unmounted, because user'=
s =

don't know about mounting. Of course, this could be done automatically =

through something like subfs, autofs, or supermount, but since those tools =

don't really work and are not widely utilized, media:/ will probably have t=
o =

do this on its own.

Other outstanding issues include

1) mounted filesystems still appear as if they are located on the root devi=
ce =

(e.g. media:/hd0/media/floppy0 contains the contents of media:/fd0)

2) there is no userspace mounting on Linux, even if the user has ownership =
of =

the device node, so hot-pluggable devices cannot be utilized except by firs=
t =

mounting them as root or setting them up in fstab, which completely defies =

the definition of "hot-pluggable". It is also no possible to mount such =

things as ISO images in userspace, which if were possible could be a great =

feature for KDE.

3) the floppy drive must always appear in media:/ on PC systems, even when =
no =

disk is present, because there is no way to tell if there is one present. =

Thus, CD-ROMs and other non-hot-pluggable devices should always appear in =

media:/ as well for consistency.

4) it is possible for a PC user to remove a floppy disk before it is =


-- =

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