Hi folks! =

I would like to know why KDevelop template are not ready for integration wi=
th =

KDE SVN. I'm the developer of KSystemLog project, available in =

playground/sysadmin tree of KDE repository, and my project had been fixed t=
o =

allow it being compiled from KDE SVN tree. I know that this is not very wel=
l =

to commit something that don't compile on KDE repository, but I didn't know =


My problem is that now, I am unable to compile my local copy of KSystemlog =

with KDevelop. =

I know that the problem is that between my copy and the SVN one, the main =

different is that the compilation folder is playground/sysadmin, and in my =

project it is ksystemlog itself, but I'm not very kind of autotools (and mo=
re =

even now that I know KDE will soon change its build tool.)

So, I would like to know, why, when we love GUI, we have to use shell to =

compile our projects, and why it is so difficult to use KDevelop projects =

when our sources are integrated in KDE repository tree. =

In fact, KDevelop and KDE SVN repository are not really integrated (or anyw=
ay =

it's difficult IMO to use them)

I would like to have your feedback about my issue and if you have any =

solution/improvement to solve this one.

Thanks !!!!



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