2005. j=FAlius 10. 20.50 d=E1tummal Thiago Macieira ezt =EDrta:
> Szombathelyi Gy=F6rgy wrote:
> >It's OK. But after clicking it's really irrelevant that it's going to
> >system:/media/hdc_1 or /media/cdrom. And I much more like the later.

> The problem here is that users expect that going Up from where they
> clicked goes back to where they were. That's one of the big problems with
> kio_devices that we are trying hard to solve.

Yes, that's what I wrote that a 'smart' solution needs here. But I think th=
at =

inventing a new naming scheme just because the 'up' button does not work a =

bit of over-engineering.

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