Hi there,

I am not a crypto expert, just a naive fool expecting to get flamed to hell
for raising my head above the parapet - but here goes.

Wouldn't it be nice if KDE/konqueror allowed users to hide and encrypt files
on their systems with total deniability? Hidden files may be there, they may
not be, who knows.

The simplest way of doing this would be for konqueror to create a cache of
random bytes ( a given percentage of total available space or disk size) by
default. The user has no choice: when they use konqueror they automatically
get a big blob of random bytes in their cache or somewhere they're not really
going to notice it's existence.

Awful, ugly, but:

The user can encrypt and embed files in that block of random data. It would be
impossible for anyone to know whether there's anything in there. Random
data/encrypted data - who can tell? Everyone who installs konqueror gets a
blob like that - it's not like they have stegfs mounted on their machine your

The encrypting/embedding would be managed by konqueror of course. You couldn't
allow users to turn it off because then you lose plausible deniability.

You could argue that this would turn konqueror into a weapon and subject to
all sorts of export doolally. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't; I don't

Can someone please disabuse me of the notion that this is a good idea?

robert hogan

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