Falco wrote:
> On Aug 26, 4:21 am, DBDriver wrote:
>> Falco wrote:

> We are a 2 man development shop. We are maxed on drives out unless we
> add a side cart. I am not looking for solutions. Was just curious if
> there is a way to backup libs to a Windows Server. I know I can setup
> an CL with an FTP script to send all the source files, but I can't
> find a way to send an entire library.

You are basically stuffed as any save file or the sort backup will
consume local storage before you can offload it. There might be an
option to stream a library off through QNTC perhaps.

But seriously, the disks are maxed so the only option is to correct the
tape drive. I haven't checked for these myself but you might pick up one
of these off the web quite cheaply (maintenance aside).