If I create a PDF conversion printer via iSeries Navigator, I see a
new printer created with the name I specified, which in this case is
"PDFEML". I can use the navigator to right-click on spool files and
say "Convert to PDF" and I will get an email with the PDF file. But if
I call off a spool file and direct it to the printer PDFEML output
queue PDFEML, I never get the email. Instead, I get a very unhelpful
message in QSYSOPR:

File SCOUNT held by writer PDFEML on output queue PDFEML in
Printing of file SCOUNT by writer PDFEML not

If I do a wrkactjob and sort the list by name, I see three jobs
running with the name PDFEML. I have a WTR with a status of event
waiting, a BCH with a status of Timeout wait, and a PDJ with a status
of event wait. The only one that has a job log that I can get it is
the BCH job and the job log is a whopping 1 line long and shows in the
invocation command and nothing else.

I'm probably missing something painfully obvious, anyone have any
tips? My user profile is in the distribution directory, and I have
that set to direct message to my SMTP name, and I am listed in the
SMTP directory as well. And strangely enough, if I call off the stuff
I want to convert and do it via the navigator it works, but I want to
automate it a bit more than that by letting users dump their jobs to
the PDFEML printer so they can have the results sent to them