I have a 9407 520. It came with 4 35gb drives, raid. I recently
added a second disk enclosure cage and 4 more drives. So, I have one
ASP and all 8 drives are in them and all are members of the same raid
set. Before adding the four drives and cage I was running about 60%
usage, and the space used on each of the original four drives was
about the same.

After adding the four new drives I did a STRASPBAL and that balanced
the usage on each of the eight drives to about 25% (before doing that
the original four drives had 40% space used and the new four had only
8% space used).

However, since I did that a couple of weeks ago, I notice now the
original four have about 30% space used on each, while the four added
drives have about 22% space used on each.

It appears the system is allocating space used differently for each of
the four drives and I'm curious as to why it would do that since all 8
are in the same raid set and asp...

Do I need to change some setting somewhere or is this fine?
Obviously, I don't have any bottle necks really.