I have an unusal problem at work where I can read text using the
auteclPS automation objects, I can set the cursor position using the
same object. Yet i cannot set text (write to screen) using the same
object. It is very frustrating because it works on all the other PC's
with Windows 2000 on them. (It had happened to a windows 2000 machine
before, but noone knows how that was fixed)

I am trying to install it to a vista enterprise machine.
I am installing V5R4 (I think that was right... v5.8 if i look in the
about window).
I have installed the update for this version.

When the example code (at end of post) is run, SetText does not return
any error, however nothing is written to the screen. However, GetText
for the same object does return the value from the screen. Doing this
in access (2000) VBA or in VBS script does not work.

What could be causeing this? How do i fix it?

Dim autECLPSObj as Object

'Initialize the connection
Set autECLPSObj = CreateObject("PCOMM.autECLPS")
autECLPSObj.SetText"IBM is great", 2, 1

(example from

PSText = autECLPSObj.GetText(2,1,50)