First of all if this is not the correct group to list this please
point me in the right direction. I have an AS400 for sale. Around SW
Chicago, I won't ship it so someone would need to pick it up. It was
the server for the Villiage of Woodridge a few years ago. They removed
the hard drive of course but other drives and cards are intact. It
also has the expansion unit so it is double wide (and HEAVY). I don't
have the OS but I do have the license key for V5R1M0. I have some IBM
brand RAM also, two 256MB (the largest this model can use) and two
128MB (all 4 were installed). I will listen to offers with or without
the RAM. There is no monitor or terminal. Model is AS400 9406/170. I
had a nice offer from a retailer awhile back but never got around to
shipping it (it's so big..........................) It's been sitting
around awhile so will need to be "cleaned up" a bit. If you have any
interest please email me at offersemail AT aol DOT com.