I've got Lua working on the iSeries, and most scripts work fine, the
ones that don't are ones which have some recurring characters in them,
such as [ or ~. The scripts I run are saved as ASCII, and I set the
CCSID of the script (they are stream files) to 437. When the scripts
are run, Lua reports some unexpected characters like "" although
there are no "" chars in the script.

A lot of Lua scripts do work, so clearly the encoding is not totally
wrong, also I made a C module which is called from Lua to read and
write data areas, when I attempt to write a [ char to a data area, I
get a instead. I'm guessing this is an issue where my CCSID is
*almost* right. I suspect that this might happen in other scripting
languages too, like PHP or Python, anyone know of a good CCSID to use?