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> Default EMC DMX-III question AS/400 and V5R3M5
> Technical question:
> We have a rather uncommon setup on a number of AS/400 systems
> partitions in that they use external SAN disk, not internal spindles.
> They work pretty well, and some machines even use a load source
> emulator card (ie. NO internal disk at all). 'D' IPLs, DR tests,
> system rebuilds are a little bit tricky and fun, but quite workable.
> The problem is that with V5R3M5 the AS/400-based EMC menus fail, and
> can/have caused unexpected IPLs when least expecting it! For example,
> when attempting to break external SAN mirrors on a production machine.
> We basically have to rely on our SAN tech. team to break/restore
> mirrors.
> I can't seem to get a straight answer from EMC patches/fixes for
> the AS/400. As far as I can tell EMC DMX-II and DMX-III drives are
> only theioretically supported on a maximum OS/400 level of V5R3M0. Any
> ideas anybody? All assistance appreciated. . .
> Regards,
> Greg Chijoff
> EDS Sydney Australia
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