We are looking for a Product which can monitor Outqs and can send
spool files in PDF/RTF/CSV..etc to users based on condition of spool
file. It should be able to email to specific user or distribution

Also the product should be able to Overlay the spool files with the
form design that has been created.
the form design can be created on PC , mapped to a spool file and

Again we are also looking if we need to fax the document we just point
to an outq which is a remote outq for Right fax ..so that all faxing
is done via Right fax

so if we have a 100 page document and 35 pages need to be printed , 35
pages need to be email and 30 pages need to be fax ( via Right fax
out) . It should be able to sort and burst itself based on certain
condition ..for example bank account number

In all the product does Email / Print/ faxing /Overlay ...Any
recommendations would be appreciated