I make a disk to disk backup system for the as/400. The top speed we
have reached with it on 1 gbit is 45 mb/sec on a 515. In actual use,
by the way, this is faster than an lto-3, even though they are 'rated'
at 80 mb/sec.

Some sites find the disk to disk backup exactly as fast as their LTO
tape. Apparently the AS/400 is already pedaling as fast as it can.

I know the i5 supports 10 gbit/sec ethernet over optical, but the
interface cards (As/400 plus PC) cost more than my 515 did.

I would like to find an existing site with 10 gbit ethernet to run
some speed tests on our software.

We would give you a free license for the software, forever. The
software runs on a pc server (win 200/0/or/2003/or/vista/or/xp pro)

please email me at brad.jensen-at-laservault.com

software details at www.laservaultbackup.com