I have the follow Queue as400 configuration for a Ricoh Aficio 2060:
Device description ''xxxxx''
Device class - LAN
Device type - 3812
Device model - 1
LAN attachment - IP
Port number - 9100
Font: Identifier - 11
Form feed - AUTOCUT
Inactivity timer - SEC15
Manufacturer type and model - HP5SI
Paper source 1 - LETTER
Paper source 2 - LETTER
Remote location: ''printer IP address X.X.X.X''
System driver program - HPPJLDRV

Actually, it works fine. But, any times a lot of costumer calls to
Helpdesk that them requested verify and restart Their Queue from

We have some Hp Laserjet 4050N printerthtat them worked on As400 and
the users never called to Helpdesk to request restart their Queue from

How can I fix this issue?