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This is a discussion on CGI help please - IBM AS400 ; Please help I have a few problems and going nuts : It works as follows : The signon screen contains 2 input boxes : email and password There are to buttons on the screen say : login 1 and login ...

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Thread: CGI help please

  1. CGI help please

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    "Newsgroup" <222@eee> writes:

    > When the user clicks on it runs the cgi program correctly but how do I pass
    > the 2 parameters from the input boxes

    If you need the parameters you need to create a form around your
    elements and the user must use a submit button to invoke your

    You may want to look around for a good tutorial on CGI programming.
    Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen

  3. Re: CGI help please

    Stones books IMO are very good. I used them and build a lot of web
    applications off them including an order entry system with SSL. I new
    absolutely nothing before I started with the books except a little
    HTML from an online tutorial.

    What works best for me is programing the stuff in notepad and running
    it first, if that works I make a CGI program to imitate it. I also
    add the fancy buttons and images later, keep it simple and get it work
    first then polish it up, I like to have a little success and then keep
    adding to it. When I add something that doesn't work I know at the
    very least some of it working before I added more.

    Find an existing website that works like you want and view its source
    or do a web search for what you want your HTML to do, there is tons of
    stuff out there for HTML and JAVASCRIPT. The fact that you are using
    CGI to create it doesn't really matter.

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