I am trying to backup some files off an windows 2003 IXS (ZZZ) via the
QNTC. The IXS is a domain controller. I have the AS400 user (YYY) I
am logged in as mirrored in the domain (XXX). The AS400 user and the
domain user have the same name and user id. If I run it interactively
I can access and backup the files just fine, if I run the same job via
a job schedule entry under the same user id I get the following error.

Error NTA02AE
Message . . . . : Not able to log on to Windows server ZZZ.

Cause . . . . . : Windows server COLEXCG was not able to authenticate
YYY while running QZLCSR. The iSeries Remote Command Windows service
message was: User "YYY" could not be authenticated to server or
"XXX". x569: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the
logon type at this computer. Authentication was requested for YYY to
*PRIMARY Window server or domain. If the server or domain is: *LOCAL
authentication was attempted to ZZZ. *PRIMARY -- authentication was

attempted to XXX, which is the primary domain for ZZZ.

Now, the user is enrolled into the domain (can't enroll it onto the
server because its a domain controller) AND it runs perfectly fine
interactively. I have also added the server and share names to the

It must have something to do with the permissions when running via job

When I look at the job status attributes the JOB USER IDENTITY is YYY
but the current user profile is blank. When running interactively it
says JOB USER IDENTITY is YYY and current user profile is YYY.

anyone know the trick on how to access QNTC properly via the job