Server consolidation is a growing trend that can save resources and
positively affect the bottom line. But, if your systems are not simple
to manage, then you have not maximized your savings. Use of System i
tools will improve Total Cost of Ownership by decreasing management
cost, increasing asset utilization and linking infrastructure
performance to business goals.

This session will talk about and show you how you can leverage the
tools already available to you. It is a must see for system operations
managers, operators, and systems administrators. In this session, we
will show you how to:

" Monitor the health of ALL systems with your enterprise,
including Windows, Linux and Unix servers

" Perform policy based workload balancing for i5/OS, Unix and
Linux servers onboard the System i

" Graphically show your network topology and server dependencies

" Plan for changing capacity requirements

Organizations need to deliver move value with less people. In this
session you will see how System i continues to help you meet that

When: December 12, 2006 at 10:00 CT/ 11:00 ET
Register: (Title: Extending System i

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Darryl Johns
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