What do want when you get a save file?
Wondering about something in it.
ViewSavf can show you something detail in it.

ViewSavf is a tool for view a save file form AS/400.

ViewSavf Bring your source in save files without the iseries

For more information :

e-mail: julian@tom.com
WWW: http://www.juliansoft.com


ViewSavf Updates
View Save file on your PC 2.30 Retrieving the values of DataArea &
source of CLP

V2.30 - Add functions for RISC Machine:
Retrieve the values from Data Area.
Retrieve the source from the CLP program which compiled with
RTVSRC allowed.
V2.20 - add nation Languages checking.
v2.00 - for register Version & Supports Globe Languages
V1.40 - Pick out member to .doc .txt .xls
V1.30 - Remove bags
V1.20 - Remove some bags.
V1.11 - Remove some bags.
V1.10 - Can View PF data in charactor.
v1.02 - Object Type displayed.and botton images change.
v1.00 - Original