Hi Colm,

If you are interested in pulling the information into Visual Studio
using a CGI program (via a URL call), I just came across a pretty cool
(free) program that does just that. Check out the article at
http://www.mcpressonline.com/mc?1@47...zF.0@.6b3cd474. Using the
STRCGISQL code as the base, I was able to modify it to download AS/400 files
as Excel and XML. Might be interesting anyway.



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> Hi
> I am writing an Excel tool in Visual Studio which connects to an AS/400
> and gets data.
> Do I need Client Access - the dll or the package to do it? Doesn't make
> sense that I should since I want this to be a redistributable. I just
> want to connect to an AS/400 like any other server.
> Any ideas.
> Thanks
> Colm